Child Care with Great "Apeel"
Anna Orrino
Entering my
33rd year of
Quality Home Child Care
My fun, loving home environment is created to help your children feel secure and to minimize fears while away from home.  I believe that each child is an exciting, unique individual.  I’m sensitive to a child’s social, emotional, educational, and physical needs.  I provide development-appropriate activities that focus on learning through discovery, thus encouraging not just learning, but the love of learning.  At all times it is my goal to teach the 3C’s: Creativity, Courtesy and Curiosity.
Morning is a Little Child

The work of water is bubbles!
Day is the job of Sun.
Green is the business of gardens,
And the duty of Children is Fun!

By:  Joan Walsh

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I currently have no openings.
Next opening: August '19 for a child over 2 years old.